My background is substantially different from most artists. The major portion of my adult life has been spent developing a corporate career. As a marketing administrator and executive director of healthcare companies, my days were kept busy.

But evenings were spent doing what I loved to do. I drew…often taking night classes with art groups.

Then, a little over 6 years ago I decided to focus on art. I left corporate, updated my credentials, refreshed my art basics and moved into education. Currently, I teach art at the high school level and paint.

College of Mount St. Joseph: Master of Arts Degree.
Eastern Michigan University: Bachelor of Science Degree.

Juried/Solo Exhibitions
44th Annual MEA/MAEA Exhibit. Honorable Mention and Purchase Award
The Body Eclectic
Michigan Portrait Show. Second Place
Oakland Community College
ACLU Lady Liberty Project
Birmingham Temple. Farmington, MI
Our Town. Birmingham, MI
City of Livonia, Fine Arts Exhibition. Livonia, MI
Martha Maxwell Gallery, Solo Exhibition. Birmingham, MI
Studio San Giuseppe Gallery, Solo Exhibition. Cincinnati, Ohio
City of Livonia, Fine Arts Exhibition. Livonia, MI
Lansing Art Gallery, Lansing, MI
Michigan Fine Arts Competition, Honorable Mention. Birmingham, MI
Fine Arts in the Village, Honorable Mention. Northville, MI
Canton Fine Arts Exhibition. Canton, MI
Art in the Hills. Beverly Hills, MI